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A Cosmic Journey: Baylee Talks Greta Van Fleet & What Makes Them Legends of Rock Music Today

Hi Baylee, a huge thank-you for reaching out to us here at Fan Features and for agreeing to share your story. It’s such a pleasure to have you join us! Today we’re going to be discussing Greta Van Fleet and what they mean to you. So before we go any further…would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hello! Thank you for having me! So my name is Baylee Avery, I’m 24 and I’m from Houston, TX. Not only am I huge music fan, I’m also a music journalist for Banded PR and Soft Sound Press. I have always loved music growing up, my first favorite band was The Bee Gees. My usual music preference is rock, but in general - my taste is eccentric. I also love indie, some pop music, blues rock, pop punk and alternative.

Like we said above…today’s topic is of course Greta Van Fleet. Can I ask how you became a fan of the band?

So it was April 2018 when I first came across the band. My grandmother had just passed away a few days prior and I was in my grieving mode when I came across them. I was on YouTube one night and “Highway Tune” was in my suggestions and I was immediately obsessed. Soon after, I delved into their EPs and found myself quickly falling in love with them and the music. Not only that - I had tickets to see HAIM the night I discovered Greta Van Fleet, but I didn’t go because I wasn’t up for it. I guess the universe had something planned for me that night instead!

Those who are familiar with the rock genre are likely familiar with Greta Van Fleet but for those who are not…how would you describe their sound?

That’s a good question! I think the best way to describe their sound is “Rock revival”. I’ve never been entirely sure just how to describe their sound, but it’s no secret that these guys are opening doors for the revival of rock. Rock hasn’t exactly been in the charts that much in recent years, but they’re definitely opening new doors for new rock artists/bands. I mean, look at Måneskin! They’re also doing GREAT! So I think “rock revival” is definitely an appropriate term for that.

Greta Van Fleet are often compared to legendary rock band ‘Led Zeppelin’…would you agree with these comparisons? Do you think there are similarities between the two bands?

I did in the beginning after hearing “Highway Tune”. It’s funny because I’ve seen people complain about that, but if I’m being honest - that’s what drew me to them. Over the last few years though, they definitely have developed their own sound. Plus for the latter question, the people who complain don’t realize one fact about Led Zeppelin - they first received similar backlash that Greta Van Fleet received because people compared Led Zeppelin’s sound to Rush. I guess that’s one similarity I can really think of.

Greta Van Fleet first formed in Michigan back in 2012 of brothers Josh, Jake and Sam Kiszka alongside drummer, Danny Wagner. Since then they have become a highly regarded name in the world of modern rock. Looking back on their 9 years as a band, are there any moments that instantly come to mind as the highlight of their career so far?

One thing that really comes to mind - When they performed at Red Rocks in 2019. That is such a legendary, iconic, and gorgeous venue. To see them get that opportunity made me so beyond proud of them. I didn’t get to go to those shows, but seeing footage from it makes my heart do a backflip.

It’s fair to say that Greta Van Fleet are one of the most exciting bands of rock music today. How do you think things might progress for them as a band in future?

I think they’re on their way to being legendary in the rock world. I also see them really opening doors for new rock acts who are looking for their big break in the music industry. There’s so much to look forward to in the future with them.

Out of all their musical releases, is there one song that you’d count as a personal favourite? Perhaps you could tell us more about your choice?

Right now - “Stardust Chords”. It’s off their newest release. I don’t know what it is about that song in particular, but I fell in love with it fast. When the album was released - Because my job is online - me, my coworkers and boss held a virtual listening party and having my reaction on display for everyone to see makes me blush when I think about it now, but listening to it made me feel so alive.

And how would you describe the impact that Greta Van Fleet has made in your life since becoming a fan? What do they mean to you?

I don’t even know where to begin! I made amazing friends because of this band. Friends from far and wide. Those friends have brought so much joy to my life. No band has ever had me make so many amazing friends because of our mutual love for the music, but here we are! This band really means the world to me. I feel so grateful to have their music be such a big part of my life.

Music is a journey both physically and literally; in what ways has Greta Van Fleet taken you on a journey?

Oh man, I feel like I go on a cosmic journey when I listen to them. That’s, honestly, the best way I can describe that journey.

You’ve been lucky enough to see the band live on multiple occasions I believe? What was that like? How would you describe the Greta Van Fleet concert experience?

Three times - March will mark my fourth show! Each show gets better and better. When I first saw them, I had never felt so much love and peace in one room before until I saw them and I knew I had to see them again, so I did two months later in New Orleans. The best way to describe their concerts are peaceful and ethereal!

You even won tickets for one of their concerts…I’d love to hear more about this! It must have been pretty exciting to win tickets to see your all-time favourite band?! How did it come to fruition?

It was so exciting! So this past May, they announced their Strange Horizons tour and I decided I wanted to go to the Nashville show. Tickets actually went on sale two days before my birthday so I originally bought a ticket in the 200s section and then later, my lovely coworker/friend/fellow Greta lover, Sara, sent a link to our work groupchat and said that an independent radio station in Nashville was having a contest. I usually never win those kinds of contests, so I participated for fun because I really thought I wasn’t gonna win. Hours later, they DM’ed me and said I won! I was in so much shock but so excited! Truly an amazing birthday present.

And what about friendships? A lot of music fans cite their favourite artists as an introduction to many of their most treasured friendships. Has this been the case for you? What would life be like without those connections?

Yes, it has been the case for me! I stated before that I made so many friends because of them and I don’t know where I would be without these connections. I met some of my best friends because of them! Hell, one of my close Greta friends is from Massachusetts, (shoutout to Kiki) but she flew to Nashville to be my plus one when I won the two tickets I won! These connections have been amazing!

Greta Van Fleet is clearly a big part of your life, Baylee and it’s been such a pleasure to learn more about them through your story! Thank-You so much for taking the time to share it with us today! Before we bring the interview to a close, I wondered if you have a message for the band?

I do! It’s short and simple but that message would be, “thank you for changing my life”.

And finally…if you could recommend one of the band’s songs to someone who’s unfamiliar with their music, what would you suggest?

Safari Song, Age of Man, When The Curtain Falls, Stardust Cords, Trip the Light Fantastic and Built by Nations!


A huge Thank-You to Baylee for reaching out to us with her story and allowing Fan Features to share it with our readers! It's been an absolute pleasure!

Be sure to give Baylee a follow over on Instagram and Twitter: @bayleexavery



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