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Alma Shares Her Experiences as a New Jonatic Following the Jonas Brothers' Return to Music in 2019

"They bring so much good energy and real passion to music to their show. That’s what I like the most about seeing them perform. They have a lot of passion and you can see they really love what they’re doing so it makes the crowd to have more fun." - Alma


Hi Alma! Thank-You so much for agreeing to speak with us here at Fan Features. I am so excited to hear your story as a let's step back to the beginning of your journey. Can I ask how you first came to discover the Jonas Brothers? What are your initial memories of them as a band?

I found them on Camp Rock but never really knew who they are. When they reunited I remembered they were familiar from one of my favourite movies, and started to be more interested in them.

Our favourite bands and artists touch us all in different ways so I'm curious to know what the guys mean to you personally?

They mean the world to me. They cheer me up when I’m sad, make me laugh and make me a better person. They inspire me to make my dreams come true and give me motivation.

A fun question for you…how would you describe the Jonas Brothers in just three words?

It’s a hard question but I would describe them as: funny, talented and inspiring.

The Jonas Brothers have a massive catalogue of music spanning across their extensive career; is there one that stands out to you as a personal favourite?

I think my favourite one is X or Burning Up. They’re so good and if you will wake me up at 2 am I would still know the lyrics haha!

Hahaha! I can totally relate to that! I feel like I could also sing their songs in my sleep! It’s really awesome to speak with a newer Jonas fan as I’m sure you’ll have a totally different perspective on the guys' music in comparison to fans from the Disney days. With that in mind I wondered if you have a preference towards their older songs or the newer releases since their return to music back in 2019?

I like their new music more. As they got older so does the crowd, so all of their music has changed as well. I think their new songs are better than the old ones (who will always hold a special place in my heart) and can’t wait to hear the new album!

Hopefully it won't be too long until they drop that new album! What have you enjoyed the most about their career since they came back in 2019? It’s fair to say they’ve had quite an exciting few years…

I enjoyed the most of their funny interviews like the carpool karaoke. I also like the tour content a lot!

A lot of people know the Jonas Brothers for their music or their appearances in the Camp Rock films but I’m also curious to delve a little deeper into their world…is there something you’d think the world should know about the guys that the media doesn’t necessarily highlight?

I think most of the people except them to be perfect. They also have to be nice and look good and have the perfect life, but no one is like that and people should understand it. They’re normal humans and they can be angry, have bad days just like any of us.

Let’s talk a bit about the fandom behind the Jonas Brothers…how would you describe the Jonas Brothers fanbase? What makes you guys so unique?

I would describe the fandom as really funny and sarcastic. The boys’s humor is really sarcastic so the fandom got inspiration from them and have some really good memes. We’re also really supportive and will always be there for the boys.

And what has their fanbase brought to your life personally? Where do you fit into the fandom and what sort of role does it play in your life?

It plays a big role in my life. As I said the Jonas Brothers inspire me every day so I want to support them and be the best fan I can, because they deserve it. Also the fandom is really nice and I am really friendly so I’m trying to meet a lot of new friends all over the world. I have made a lot of friends through them.

Have you made any friends through the guys? What do your fellow Jonatic friends mean to you?

My friends mean the world to me and I would flip the world if I have to help them. I love them so much and grateful I got the chance to know them. If you’re reading this; I love ypu guys!

Now, I know you haven’t had the chance to see the guys perform live yet (hopefully soon though!) but you did have the chance to watch their virtual concert late last year. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes! I woke up at 3 am to watch the boys performing. All of my family were sleeping so I had to get my airpods connected and being so quiet . But it was so much fun though! It was the first time I saw them performing and I was so happy and emotional about it. It has a special place in my heart.

How would you describe the Jonas Brothers as performers? What kind of energy does they bring to their performances?

They bring so much good energy and real passion to music to their show. That’s what I like the most about seeing them perform. They have a lot of passion and you can see they really love what they’re doing so it makes the crowd to have more fun. They also love their fans and connect with them on their shows so it’s amazing to see this connection. I hope I will get the opportunity to see them live!

Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to see the guys perform live in the near future particularly as restrictions slowly begin to ease following the Covid 19 Pandemic. In the meantime, let’s imagine you’re off to your first Jonas Brothers concert, what songs would be on your dream setlist?

I would love to see those songs on live: Wouldn’t Change a Thing, Body Moves by DNCE, Spaceman, Leave Before You Love Me, Only Human, Burning Up, When You Look Me In the Eyes , X and Lovebug.

As we near the end of the interview I wondered if you had a message for the guys?

I would say to them: thank you for always cheering me up, helping me to fulfill my dreams and giving me motivation. You inspire me so much and really mean the world to me so keep up with the good work. I really like your songs, your sense of humor and so much more. Thank you for being the best idols I could have asked for! I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

And finally…if you could recommend a Jonas Brothers song to someone who isn’t familiar with their music, what would you pick?

I would recommend Lovebug because in the beginning it’s kinda quiet and a romantic ballad but in the end it gets more “rock vibe” so any one can connect to this song.


Thank-You so much to Alma for participating in today's feature by taking the time to share her experiences as a Jonatic. As we continue our exploration of the Jonas Brothers and their fandom, it has been truly wonderful speaking with Alma and connecting through our mutual love for the band. Be sure to show her some love over on Twitter: @myidolsangels1


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