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Carla Jonas on The Jonas Brothers; Being A Nick Jonas Ambassador & Appearing On Thanks A Million


Hi Carla, Thank-You so much for agreeing to speak with us here at Fan Features! I’m really looking forward to hearing more about your story as a fan of the Jonas Brothers so let’s get into it! To kick off the interview, would you mind introducing yourself to our lovely readers?

Hi! My name is Carla, (known as Carla Jonas) I’m 27 years old and I’m from Brownsville, Texas.

How long have you been a fan of the Jonas Brothers? What are your first memories of them as a band?

I’ve been a Jonas fan for 15 years now. I accidentally discovered them in the fall of 2006, a little bit before It’s About Time released.

I somehow ended up downloading “One Day at A Time” off of LimeWire (don’t judge me lol) and I remember hearing the song and being like “WOW. WAIT I FEEL THIS” You know, as a hopeless little teenager who had crushes on people who did not like her back haha. So then I ended up looking them up on YouTube and it was instant love. I was like, “OMG THEY ARE HOT TOO?!” But most importantly, the music and personalities is what got me. Especially at that time when they were a “rock” band, very much up my alley.

And how would you summarise your love for the band? What sort of impact have they had on your life?

They saved my life. Point blank. Actually they’ve saved me from myself SEVERAL TIMES, and they still do. I wouldn’t be here nor be who I am without them.

The Jonas Brothers have such an awesome and dedicated fanbase which has only continued to grow following their reunion…how would you describe their fanbase? What does being apart of the Jonatics mean to you?

I don’t like people like using Jonatics, which I honestly did not even know until I joined “stan twitter” haha I was like, “Wait.. Should I take Jonatic out of my bio???” lol I was more active with other fans on MySpace, unfortunately my ex-boyfriend hacked my account and I lost touch with most of them BUT!!! I actually did re-unite with some later in life through Twitter. I made most of my current “Jonas Fandom Friends,” during the boy’s solo careers and now they’re literally some of my best friends and now that they are back together we get to go to JB shows together. It’s honestly a blessing being able to experience and share the brothers with people who GET IT.

Do you have a favourite Jonas Brother song? Can you tell us more about your choice?

I always say 'Please Be Mine' because that, to me, is the song that started the brothers in the first place. Plus it’s just so cute and ugh, that was my go-to song growing up. But then... there’s 'Black Keys', which is significantly more matured and that song (if it’s not my favorite) is probably the one that means the most to me. I struggled with depression a lot growing up and during my really really dark days, I would (and actually still do) put on the song and just cry my little heart out. I would listen to the lyrics, “Don’t let ‘em get inside of your head,” and feel as if THEY THEMSELVES were telling me that. It would get me through. Omg why am I crying typing this haha I am such a chillona. But anyways, in 2017 I actually got Nick to write those lyrics out for me and I have them tattooed over some of my self-harm scars. So now, even if the song isn’t on during a tough time, I can just look at my arm and remind myself that Nick doesn’t want me feeling bad. Idk if that’s lame but, it works for me. Like I said, they keep saving me.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you have some connections with the very awesome Nick Jonas in particular…I believe you were selected as one of his ambassadors and also appeared in ’Thanks A Million’ on Quibi. First things first, can you tell our readers about your role as one of Nick’s ambassadors?

Ah yes, my bestfriend, Nicholas Jerry Jonas haha. So in 2016, during the 'Last Year Was Complicated' era of his solo career, him and his team had this idea of creating a team of 15 Fan Ambassadors to help promote him and get closer with fans from all around the world. (There’s 8 from the US and 7 from other countries. I’m the one from Texas) You had to “enter,” by creating a 30 second video showcasing why you should be an ambassador and I went pretty hard with my video lol That was one of the only things in my life that I was 100% certain was meant to be mine.

BTW the views/likes didn’t matter in this “contest/search” I just had A LOT of support and we bombarded them with the video because I NEEDED them to see it. Later when I got the position they told me that I could run for president if I wanted to because they could not escape my video lol!

We briefly mentioned your appearance in ’Thanks A Million’ alongside Nick, I’m guessing some of our readers won’t be familiar with this show so perhaps you could tell them more about the surprise and how it came to fruition?

'Thanks a Million' was originally a show on an app called Quibi and it launched April 2020. But Quibi went under so now a lot of the shows that were on there are now “Roku Originals.” So you can actually still watch my episode on the Roku Channel. Mine is episode 3.

And honestly... I still have no idea how to explain how this came to be. It was all Nick. It wasn’t like there was an application or anything like that. I literally had zero idea that anything like that was going to happen.

All I do know is that as soon as he was officially signed on to the show, he automatically knew he wanted to give the gift to me. WHICH IS INSANE. He looks out for me so much for whatever reason, it’s like he’s my chosen angel/protector on this earth. I know it sounds crazy and maybe a little delusional haha but I’m pretty sure if you asked him or anyone close to him, they would agree that he looks out for me.

How did it feel to be recognised by Nick as both an ambassador but to also be selected to receive such an incredible gift through ’Thanks A Million’?

MAAAAAAN, I swear just when I think I’ve peaked with these guys, they gotta take it to a more insane level haha

I mean NJA started in 2016 and 'Thanks A Million' was just last year in 2020 PLUS a ton of cool things also happened inbetween that! Like the 'Jonas Brothers Surprise Fan Event' 02/23/2019 where they flew me out to be a part of the group of fans that they surprised with the news that they were getting back together before they announced it to the world. So we heard 'Sucker' and 'I Believe' first and knew when and what they had planned for their return, that’s also on YouTube and I could talk about that experience forever too because the video is only 4 min long and we were there AAAALLLL DAY. But anyways, the reason I brought that up is because THAT day, I thought, was the best day of my life. I even got the date tattooed. And that’s an example of them always one uping these amazing experiences haha Because obviously when he picked me to be a part of his ambassador team, that just kinda was reasurance that EVERYTHING I had done for them since 2006 meant something. Plus it brought me into their “radar,” because although everyone in my hometown can tell you I was a massive fan, I never had interactions with them growing up. I didn’t even get to meet them until a month before they broke up lol

TBH I still can’t wrap my mind around Nick picking me for 'Thanks A Million'. We are coming up on two years and I’m still like... WHY ME??? Sometimes I feel bad and undeserving, but that’s my own negative thoughts. It’s just crazy to wrap around someone, LET ALONE NICK JONAS, doing something like that FOR ME. Dang it, I’m gonna start crying again lol

I also noticed that you run a YouTube channel which features a lot of Jonas inspired content amongst other features. In what was do you incorporate your love for the band within this area?

Yeah! I mean, ever since I was little I would record videos and take pictures of everything. I am that friend that has pictures of anyone and everyone who comes into my life. I call myself a HUUUUGE memory “hoarder” haha The amount of photo albums /memory cards/ hard drives I have is ridiculous AND I JUST KEEP ADDING TO IT LOL But yeah, I just like to look back at awesome memories and ofc Jonas related events are some of the memories I love to revisit. I like being able to look back on all those times.

I’m guessing creating these videos particularly the vlogs are a great way to keep track and look back on some of your favourite memories as a fan?

Yes! Exactly :)

Being a longtime fan of the guys, it must have been pretty awesome to hear the announcement that they were reuniting? How did it feel to hear your favourite band were getting back together after so long?

Well, since they did tell me before they announced it to the world. I literally had crying spells for a good two weeks. I honestly really believed they would never get back together again so the fact that they did, it felt like my heart was going to explode haha I couldn’t take it. Pretty sure I cry about it during my vlog on the first Happiness Begins show I went too. Being an “Adult,” I’m able to do Jonas Fan related things that I WISHED I could do when I was younger and with my friends I’ve made BECAUSE OF THEM. It’s my favorite thing in the world.

It’s fair to say the Jonas Brothers are probably bigger now than ever…how would you say things have changed since their Disney days?

I mean, they’re more open and free. You can tell they are way happier now and more themselves.

We’ve already spoke a little about your experiences meeting Nick but let’s not forget that you’ve also met the entire band on multiple occasions! Out of all the opportunities you’ve had to meet the guys whether that be during solo promotions or as a band, is there a particular moment that stands out to you? Tell us more…

The Jonas Brothers surprise fan event, hands down.

They even flew you out to meet them as surprise to tell you that they were getting back together? How on earth did this come fruition? What an awesome experience that must have been!

Yeah so they actually contacted me the night before.

Cynthia (their current tour photographer) was like, “hey.. You should stay on your phone for a bit” with the eye emojis and I was like OOOOP OKAY??

And right after that John Taylor followed me on IG and before I could even process that I received a phone call from Garbo (which is a part of their team and used to the the bassist of the band) and he basically asked me if I was free that weekend and that they were doing a “documentary” on the brothers and that they didn’t like the way they portrayed the fans in the 3D movie because they knew it was obviously way deeper than all that superficially stuff. So they wanted to interview a few of us fans to talk about how they impacted us and our memories etc etc. Ofc I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone but it was funny because I literally finalized everything at like 9pm??? And my flight was at 6am the next morning. So they had us all there thinking we were filming stuff for a documentary when in reality it was for them to tell us they were getting back together.

I presuming when they told you about their reunion that you may have had to keep it a secret? Was this the case? If so, how hard was it to keep probably one of the biggest announcements in music in 2019?

Yup! Signed NDAs and everything. Luckily all of us that were there created a group chat so we could all talk about it together. But omg is was so hard not telling people about THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE lol! Also they only told us like a week ahead so we didn’t have to keep the fact that they were getting back together for that long BUT we couldn’t tell anyone about what happened to us and that we knew before hand. So the day that they came back sooooo many people messaged me asking me if I was okay etc etc and I was like.... “WOOOOOOOOW....OMG.....CRAZY” haha

Let’s talk concerts…you’ve met the guys so I’m guessing you’ve also seen the live? How many times have you seen the Jonas Brothers live and what is it about a Jonas Brothers concert that really makes your heart sing?

Okay so the brothers as a whole, I saw them 5 times before they broke up and then 4 times during the Happiness Begins Tour. IDK if to count me seeing them at the BBMAs earlier this year because it wasn’t a concert but they did perform. Currently they are on the 'Remember This Tour' and I’ve seeen them 4 times already and actually this week I’m seeing them 3 times back to back sooooo.... That’ll be a total of 16 shows??? WOAH YOUNG CARLA JONAS IS SHOOK LOL and that’s cus I still plan on going to a couple of more this tour haha!

Might seem crazy and excessive to some but that it is literally my happy place. Nothing else matters when being at a Jonas show. I’m not thinking of all the stressors of my life nor my insecurities. I’m just there to celebrate and sing the songs with the guys who mean the world to me.

Having not seen the guys perform together in years what was it like to see them back on tour? I can only imagine just how emotional it must have been?

OMG I CRIED BASICALLY THE ENTIRE SHOW OF MY FIRST HAPPINESS BEGINS SHOW. Like... UGLY CRIED. SOOOO EMOTIONAL. I have a TikTok from my reaction of them coming onto stage and then of course the vlog

I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that we’re approaching the end of the interview! It really has been a pleasure to share your story and hearing about the impact of the Jonas Brothers through the eyes of such an incredible and dedicated fan. Do you have a message of support for the guys?

Thanks so much for having me! Honestly I could go on and on about these guys and all of my experiences with them because there’s been a lot more than just what we talked about! And well they know how much they mean to me. They’ve heard / seen it all. I constantly remind them too about how they saved my life and they always seem so grateful, it melts my heart. I’m just so happy I get to be alive at the same time as them. Idk what my life would be without them, or if I would even still be here. I just want to thank them for everything they’ve done for me. Their music, their good hearts, the friendships and hobbies I was able to attain because of them. JUST A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THOSE 3 BOYS FROM JERSEY <3

And finally…if you could recommend a Jonas Brothers song to someone who’s unfamiliar with their music, what would it be?

*pulls out entire discography*


I mean I think the self-titled album has NO SKIPS so I would probably, IF I HAD TO, throw that album at someone haha But my favorite songs from them arent even on that album... AND THEN THERE’S ALSO THEIR SOLO MUSIC?!?!?!

No no nvm I can’t pick. Everyone should listen to it all... Im gonna go back to...



The biggest of Thank-Yous to Carla for sharing the most awesome of stories! Wow...

The impact that the Jonas Brothers as both as band and as individuals have clearly made in Carla's life is everything that first inspired 'Fan Features' so the honour of sharing it on our site is truly incredible. I have seriously loved watching Carla's videos on YouTube whilst preparing for the interview; every moment is genuine and as a viewer I felt like I was there enjoying the experience alongside her!

Be sure to show Carla some love over on YouTube and via her social media pages which are linked below!

TikTok: @carlajonas

Twitter: @carlajonas

Instagram: @carlajonas


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