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Cherryl Talks Up & Coming Artist Joshua Lloyd & What Being a JLARMY Means to Her

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

"Listening to Joshua's music every day has been like therapy. It's helped to heal my heart and I feel like I've got my mojo back. I can't thank him enough!" - Cherryl


Hi Cherryl, Thank-You so much for taking the time to speak with us here at Fan Features! Today we’ll be discussing Joshua Lloyd, a fantastic up and coming artist from the UK, and hearing how he’s inspired you as a fan. So before we begin would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi, I'm Cherryl, I live in Christchurch New Zealand. My taste in music is pretty diverse, but I confess the only HipHop artist I've ever really listened to is Eminem. That has definitely changed since discovering Joshua Lloyd! His music has added more colour to my life and I'm excited to tell you about him.

So tell us about Joshua Lloyd…how long have you been a fan and how did you come to discover his music?

It all started on Instagram about nine months ago…I got a follow request, was about to delete it (lol,I know that sounds bad) but something made me stop & check and I'm so glad I did!

Scrolling through Joshua's posts I found a clip of "Let You Go"....I tell ya, by the end of it I was hooked! I downloaded all his songs and spent hours listening on repeat.

I learned he started out as a Rapper performing in rap battles and went on to write his own music. Since releasing his debut single "White Flag" in May 2019, he has released an EP (Circles) & an impressive number of singles, many of them recorded in lockdown.

He is currently working on an album & has a new single on the way. I can't wait to hear it all!

For a number of our readers this may be their first introduction to Joshua, how would you describe the kind of music he creates?

Joshua's music doesn't fit into just one genre, sure its Hiphop but leans into Pop.

He has an amazing way of blending the two, producing his own unique sound.

I believe his skill as a Rapper is up there with the best, he's incredibly talented and theres a sweet spot in his vocals that I love!

And what do you think it is about his music that resonates with listeners like yourself?

For me it's his ability to tell his story through his songs. Many of his lyrics come from his own life experiences. They are real and at times the power of his words has moved me to tears.

Elaborating a little on the previous question…music is such a powerful thing and its fair to say the artists we admire play an important role in our lives. With that in mind, how would you define the impact that Joshua has made in your life since discovering his music?

He has made a big impact in my life…Honestly, the last few years have been a bit tough.

The sudden deaths of two close friends and being diagnosed with a movement disorder left me feeling numb.

I put my game face on & tried to hide my sadness on the inside. Listening to Joshua's music every day has been like therapy. It's helped to heal my heart and I feel like I've got my mojo back. I can't thank him enough!

That is so lovely to hear! I'm so uplifted to hear how Joshua's music has made an impact in your life and ultimately provided a much needed escape and sense of comfort. Speaking of music…out of all Joshua’s musical releases, do you have a personal favourite?

It's so hard to choose only one! I love all of his songs, but I'm going to say "Skin Tight", it's a banger! It resonates with me because it's about the things we hide from others, the pressures we feel but don't show on the outside.

Joshua’s music focuses a lot on his own journey/experiences with mental health; a subject that is extremely prominent in today’s society. In what way does he channel his own story through the music and why do you think it’s important that artists like Joshua use their platform to highlight this subject?

Through his lyrics he portrays a powerful message of hope and never giving up. I believe seeing our favourite artists, sport stars & other celebs speaking up about mental health helps to take away the stigma and gives others the courage to do the same.

It's a conversation we need to keep having, to normalize it and artists like Joshua are helping to make that change.

Joshua’s journey has been heavily influenced by his deep love for music and has clearly found a lot of comfort from it during his darkest moments. What do you think it is about music that picks us up during our darkest moments and enables us to move forward?

Oh, that's hard to explain but.…When you really listen to a song there's a connection & kind of comfort you get from letting the music wrap itself around you. It can be a connection to the song as a whole, or just a few lines that lifts you up & inspires you.

There are some lines in Joshua's song "Can't Quit You" that I love… "Fighting for so long my knuckles swollen from it all, but I won't ever let nobody say dreaming is for fools". It reminds me that our dreams give us something to fight for, they keep us going and give us hope.

Joshua recently released his a fabulous new single titled ‘Head & Heart’, what are your thoughts on the new track?

I adore Head & Heart! To me it's an emotional song and the first time I heard it, it made me cry! Joshua's vocals are just beautiful, I love it. It's one of those songs I never knew I needed until I heard it!

And as Joshua continues to surprise fans with new releases, he also dropped a new song titled 'Time To Grow Up' which explores a different side to his music. Perhaps you could tell our readers more about it?

I love that it's different, it's such a beautiful song and it really showcases his stunning vocals! As you can see from the artwork its a journey, Joshua holding hands with his younger self. The lyrics are personal, but it's a song I believe many people could relate to. Go take a listen, you might just love it like I do!

With a new album on the way and winning the title of ‘Best Unsigned Artist 2020’ with Electric Music Magazine, Joshua has an exciting career ahead of him! What do you think we can expect from his as an artist in future and what are you most excited to see as his career progresses?

He's been busy in the studio and I've no doubt his upcoming album will be amazing, maybe with some surprise features....We'll have to wait & see!

Recently some of his songs have made their way onto radio (Thanks to Steve at Bgl Radio).

It's a great station, its exciting to hear his songs on air and hopefully he'll gain some new followers to join the growing JLARMY (Joshua's Fanbase).

Once live gigs are up & running his UK fans are sure to be treated to some awesome shows…(someday I hope to be in the crowd too)

I think the ultimate prize would be for a record label to sign him up! I hope with all my heart it happens, I've a feeling there's lots of good things to come….so watch this space!

I totally agree! I personally will be keeping a close eye on Joshua's career and can't wait to see what the future holds for him! Cherryl, it has been so lovely speaking with you and hearing more about your love for Joshua’s music. Before we bring the interview to a close, do you have a message of support for Joshua?

I do, but firstly I'd like to say this….Thank you Josh for the gift you've given me through your music, I will be forever grateful!

Being a trooper in the JLARMY is a pleasure! I wish you nothing but the best & I'll always be in your corner. You've got this! x

And finally….I’m sure our readers will be keen to check out Joshua’s music, perhaps you could recommend a song to start their journey?

I'd actually like to recommend two if I can….

"White Flag" because that's where it all started!

"Skin Tight" it's a banger & a song I think everyone needs to hear!


You can find Joshua's music inculon Spotify, YouTube and all major platforms. Thank-You so much to Cherryl for agreeing to share her story! It has truly been a pleasure speaking with you and hearing just how impactful Joshua's music has been over the past year. It's stories like both Cherryl and Joshua's that empathise just how important music is in society. After reading more about Joshua and working my way through his music, I genuinely believe he has a fantastic career ahead of him and sincerely look forward to following the journey ahead of him!

You can find Joshua's music including his latest single ‘Time To Grow Up’ across all major platforms including YouTube & Spotify.

You can also find him on Twitter & Instagram: @realjoshualloyd

Find his Mixtapes on Bandcamp by clicking here



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