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Ellie on the Jonas Brothers; How They Help Her Cope With Cerebal Palsy & Her Jonatic Friendships

"When I listen to them or I see them it makes me feel happy and connected to them. I couldn't live without it!" - Ellie


Hi Ellie, It’s such a pleasure to virtually meet you! In our interview today we’ll taking a walk down memory lane and discussing the impact and your love for the Jonas Brothers. So without further ado…let’s get straight into it! So first things first…would you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Ellie Matraves and I'm 18 years old, I have a disability called Cerebal Palsy and I do everything with my right typing all of this!

Taking a step back in time…can you remember how you came to discover the Jonas Brothers? What was it about them that stood out to you as a potential fan?

It all started with me watching Disney Channel (by the way I was 6 years old), and suddenly this film came on called Camp Rock and I wondered 'what the hell is this?' Then there were 3 boys and I thought 'who are they?' They were as handsome as hell and I literally fell in love with the instantly. For my birthday I got Camp Rock bedding, Camp Rock stickers and lots more...but later in 2014 I was a complete and utter idiot because I threw them all away! I thought they couldn't get any hotter and that they wouldn't get back together but I was completely wrong!

In 2019 they got back together and I heard a boyband on the radio and thought they sounded like the Jonas Brothers but it couldn't because they split up. The radio presenter then said it was the Jonas Brothers' new comeback song 'Sucker', at that point I freaked out and then they announced that they were playing at Capital's Summertime Ball in 2019. At that point I couldn't go because I had another concert with my best friend but when I picked her up from her house she 'I want to invite you to Capital's Summertime Ball' and I literally screamed my lungs out. My Mum said it was uptown my carer because she wasn't supposed to be in that day but Libby (my carer) turned around and said 'yes of course I can come in to take Ellie'.

On the day I was so freaking excited! My Dad drove us to Wembley Stadium and I screamed. Finally we got to our seats and after seven acts it was time for the JONAS BROTHERS. When they came on and started singing, omg I went for it singing and dancing.

So how would you describe your love for the band? What kind of impact have they made in your life personally? Can you imagine what your life would be like without the guys and their music?

When I listen to them or I see them it makes me feel happy and connected to them. When I had an operation on my legs and I have gas and air I feel scared but I listen to When You Look Me In the Eyes which helps me. After the operation I listened to the Jonas Brothers playlist on Spotify through my bluetooth headphones. I couldn't live without their music.

The Jonas Brothers have such an awesome fanbase. What is the best thing about being a part of the Jonatics?

I love being apart of the Jonatics because they are so nice to me! They give me a chance to message them and understand my disability; when I'm down they cheer me up. I have made lots of online friends on Twitter mainly and they all support me.

And what about friendships? Have you made any friends through the band?

Yeah, I have got lots of friends but I haven't met them but I think lots of them were at the Jonas Brothers concert when I went and I think I got into a lift with them after the concert was finished but I wasn't too sure.

Over the years the guys have released a lot of truly awesome music. Do you have a favourite Jonas Brothers song?

My favourite songs are When You Look Me in the Eyes and Leave Me Before You Love Me. They make me feel like I'm close to them and I understand them.

The Jonas Brothers have done so much over the years; from films to TV; to concert tours and album releases. Looking back on their time as band, what do you think has been the highlight of their career?

My favourite moment in their career was them doing their own TV series because they are just so funny especially Kevin!

Over the years, the guys have toured the world on multiple occasions selling out shows in every city, have you ever had the opportunity to see them perform live? You have?! Can you tell our readers more about your experience?

I got an opportunity to see them at Capital Summertime Ball in 2019 because of my best friend who is also a big fan of them. My parents got me tickets for Christmas to see them in concert in 2020 and when I opened them, I saw the Jonas Brothers' faces through the paper and freaked out and almost fell out of my floor chair called Tumble Form. I was literally shaking when when I tweeted that I got tickets for the Jonas Brothers at Wembley Arena on the 3rd of February 2020! Then I made a countdown on my iPad.

I made my outfit for the show; I made a Jonas Brothers denim jacket, a Mrs Jonas T-Shirt, Jonas Brothers shoes and I made my own temporary tattoos for the first concert. The day before I had my toenails done and on them it said the 'Jonas Brothers'. On the day, I went to school and left at 1pm and then went home. Then we got ready for the concert. When we arrived there I drove really fast and crazy with screaming all the way to the arena. When we got in the venue and I found out where I was seated, I was absolutely shocked!

When they came on stage I literally screamed and was jumping in my chair all the way through the concert and then they came over to the middle stage which was close to my seat. In the middle of a song Kevin Jonas looked at me and I freaked out but then four songs later, Nick Jonas saw me and I did literally explode! When I got to the lift with my Dad and my carer I met three other fans and they talked to me and I told them that Kevin saw me.

You also mentioned on Twitter that your dream is to meet the band or even have them follow you on Twitter…is there anything our readers can do to help make your dream come true?

Yes I dreamt about meeting the Jonas Brothers or going on holiday with them or to be in a music video with them. I really want the Jonas Brothers to follow me on Twitter...please!

And if you did have the chance to meet the Jonas Brothers, is there anything you’d like to say or ask them?

I would like to say to them that I literally love them so much and can we be friends please?

It’s been such a pleasure chatting with you today and I really hope your dream comes true!!! Before we bring the interview to a close, I have one more question for you Ellie! Could you recommend a Jonas Brother song for anyone of our readers who might not be familiar with their music?

Sucker because it was on the radio all of the time! truly has been a pleasure! The Jonas Brothers are so lucky to have such an amazing and dedicated fan supporting them every step of the way...Thank-You for reaching out to us here at Fan Features and allowing us to share your story.

Let's help make Ellie's dream come sure to give her a follow over on Twitter: @Elliejonass and tweet the Jonas Brothers' asking them to give Ellie a follow! We can do it guys!!!

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Kerry Wool
Kerry Wool
Nov 17, 2021

So proud of you Ellie

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