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Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks Fan Lindsay Talks Music & Shares How the Band Inspires Her Love for Art

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

"A lot of people my age listen to them, some became fans because of their parents some from American Horror Story, some are from a meme on Twitter and others by accident but it’s good music and appeals to all ages." - Lindsay


Hi Lindsay! Thank-You so much for joining us today! Today’s feature topic is Fleetwood Mac and Stevie whom you are a big fan of. As a big Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan myself, I’ve gotta say I’m rather excited about this one! As always let’s kick things off with an introduction, would you mind telling our readers a little about yourself?

I’m Lindsay, I’m 25 years old, I’m American and I became a Stevie fan in 2015 but first heard her music when I was 5 in 2001. I’m an artist and have an art account on Instagram under the username 'gypsysongbirdart'...I do a lot of Stevie art and some of it available via my RedBubble shop in the bio of my art account.

So first things first; how did your love for Fleetwood Mac begin? What are your earliest memories of them as a band?

My first memory of them as a band is when I was about 5 or 6; I was playing outside and listening to the radio and skipped over to this one station and remember hearing “thunder only happens when it’s raining, players only love you when they’re playing” and liking it. Before then I’d heard Stevie's solo song 'Touched By an Angel' via my Mom's copy of the Sweet November soundtrack and loved it! I would listen to it on a loop for hours but I don’t know why. When I’d first heard 'Dreams' I never put 2+2 together that the singer was the same artist as 'Touched by an Angel' and I sometimes laugh at myself for that.

Since discovering the band how has their role in your life evolved? Can you describe the sort of impact they’ve made in your life?

Their music just makes me happy and it always inspires me.

I don’t know about you but people are always surprised to hear someone as young as you or I listens to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. What would your response to those people be?

A lot of people my age listen to them, some became fans because of their parents some from American Horror Story, some are from a meme on Twitter and others by accident but it’s good music and appeals to all ages.

I couldn't agree more! It's wonderful to see such diversity in their fanbase particularly over the last year since the viral TikTok. Hard question I know…but out of all their releases do you have a favourite Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks song? Is there a reason for your choice?

For Stevie's career within the band, it's definitely 'Dreams', 'Silver Springs' or 'Thrown Down'. For Lindsey, 'Steal Your Heart Away' and for Christine it’s a tie between 'All Over Again', 'Heroes Are Hard to Find', 'Come a Little Bit Closer', 'Songbird' and 'Skies the Limit'. But as far as solo their solo careers go...'Touched By an Angel', 'Wild Heart', 'Gold and Braid', 'Moonlight' and 'Sometimes It’s a Bitch' for Stevie; 'Go Insane' for Lindsey’ and 'Got a Hold on Me' for Christine.

Some really fantastic song choices there, Lindsay! It's just so hard to choose one isn't it? It's fair to say both Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie have all had a lengthy careers in the music industry and are now considered legends in their field. What do you think it is about them that has provided that sort of longevity?

I’m not sure given Stevie and Lindsey broke up and Christine and John got divorced; some bands break up over that sort of stuff yet they work so well together! It takes two guys to do the job of one Lindsey Buckingham after all, so I think it’s the fact they can put their differences aside and work together...

As a band there is A LOT of history and I think that’s one of the things that make Fleetwood Mac so intriguing and equally transcends into such great music. Ever since the band first formed in 1967 so much has happened and over the years their story has helped shape music history. Looking back on that time, is there a particular moment you defines the story of Fleetwood Mac?

Probably the Rumours album/era.

Moving forward to the present day…Fleetwood Mac has seen a major revival in the mainstream music scene due to the success of a viral TikTok video featuring ‘Dreams’. Speaking from a fan’s point of view, how does it feel to see more people discover their music through modern media such as TikTok?

It’s actually kind of cool to see people doing these TikTok’s especially Stevie, Mick and Lindsey! It’s also really cool that a new generation is now discovering their music because their music will live on forever!

One of the things I really admire about fans is how they celebrate their favourite artists by arranging projects and events within their communities. Have you personally been involved any projects related to Stevie Nicks and/or Fleetwood Mac?

I was involved in a Birthday surprise project for Stevie's birthday (earlier this year) when a fellow fan made a tribute video on Instagram. Two other fans started the 'DrawingNicks' hashtag on Instagram so I participated in that by adding many pieces of artwork. The tag itself was made to make people’s day so the fans figured if the music makes people happy then the fan art will too!

Awww! I love that! They say music transcends all languages but equally, so does art! What an awesome way to celebrate Stevie's music, I'm sure she'd love those projects! So it's fair to say that you enjoy creating art related to Stevie Nicks. Talk us through the process…in what ways does Stevie inspire you as an artist?

Her music and just her in general...I draw pieces inspired either by Stevie or Stevie songs way too much! I’m always inspired by her. I once created a Stevie themed Birthday card for a friend's Birthday; it was covered in lyrics plus a sketch of Stevie herself. I drew it on poster board... it took 5 months to complete but was worth it!

Stevie is known for being an artist herself…have you seen any pictures of her work? Do you have a favourite piece?

I saw this self portrait she did back in the 70s the image showed her drawing it and it was incredible! I have also seen her Rhiannon painting and was blown away...that’s definitely my favourite.

Lindsay…it’s been such a pleasure speaking with you today! I’m afraid we’re almost at the end of the interview so before we go I wondered if you had a message of support for Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac?

Keep making music and touring as long as you can and maybe do a studio recording of 'Don’t Dream It’s Over' with Stevie and Neil Finn on vocals.

And finally…there are so many people coming to discover the music of Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, if you could recommend one song to kick off their journey what would it be?

If they’re looking for a performance to help kick off their journey then definitely 'Nightbird' from SNL, that is an iconic Stevie performance. Lori Nicks, Stevie's sister in law / backing singer actually said to the NicksFix “That performance is probably the highlight of my live singing career with Stevie. It was not planned for me to sing with Stevie until two days before the show, and was an unbelievable experience - one I will carry with me always.”

However if they’re looking for just a song then definitely 'Edge of seventeen', 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around', 'Wild Heart', 'Starshine' or 'Secret Love' from Stevie's solo career and 'Sara', 'Gypsy', 'Rhiannon', 'Landslide', 'Silver Springs' or 'Say You Will' from Stevie;s career with the band. Then there's 'Come a Little Bit Closer', 'Heroes are Hard to Find, 'Skies the Limit', 'All Over Again', 'Hold Me' or 'Everywhere' from Christine's career with the band. For Lindsey's career with the band: 'Go Your Own Way', 'Big Love', 'Monday Morning' and 'Steal Your Heart Away' and 'When The Sun Goes Down' for the bands career after Lindsey left around 1990.

They definitely need to also listen to 'I’m a Roadrunner' and 'Black Magic Woman' from Fleetwood Mac's blues days. Santana also covered 'Black Magic Woman' but not many people know that Fleetwood Mac recorded it first.


Lindsay...a huge Thank-You for taking the time to speak with us today! Being such a big Fleetwood Mac fan myself, it's always so lovely to speak with others who share that same love for the band! Lindsay has such a great and collective taste in music spanning from Fleetwood Mac across a number of genres and it's genuinely so awesome that she channels her love for music and more specifically Fleetwood Mac through her love for art!

Be sure to check out Lindsay RedBubble shop:

Instagram: @gypsysongbirdart


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