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New Year: New Muse

Fan Features made its debut back in May last year following months of hard work and preparation. Despite being a blogger since the age of 13, I was nervous when I first clicked published and let this little project out into the world. Over the past eight months, it has been my greatest pleasure to share the stories of music fans around the world who have all graciously taken time to answer my endless array of questions on our reader's behalf.

Music has always been a great passion of mine and nothing makes me happier than hearing how it's touched the lives of others. Speaking with fellow music fans makes my heart sing; their energy illuminates my soul and resonates with my on a much deeper level. Everyone I have spoken with over the past few months have been nothing but warm as they welcomed me to their world. Each story is unique and I sincerely hope that our site has been able to capture this on a profound level whilst creating an accurate narrative for music fans around the world.

As we ease into a new year I hope that you will continue to walk with us on this journey. I have a number of plans for the site and hope that both time and personal health will allow me to develop them as I intend. This site will always be at the heart of the fans and their stories however, I do hope to create a space to highlight music on a more intimate level.

Running this site, I've already been introduced to a number of talented artists who I believe deserve the respect and recognition that every musician should receive. Music would be nothing without the artists and I would love for our charts to flourish once again with new talent. As a spectator it's also been interesting to see an influx of legendary artists break through to a younger generation via the means of TikTok or even cinematic exploration in music biopics such as 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Rocket Man'. I admire how a younger generation that once considered me as the "weird kid" who loved old bands, now also recognise these artists on a personal level. With that in mind, I'd also love to celebrate the legacies of the bands/artists who've shaped music today and I now consider it a task to incorporate the old and new; the legendary and upcoming and celebrating it on our little space here on the internet.

Music affects us all differently and I wholeheartedly believe that within each song, there are memories that reflect our past, present and will eventually shape our future. It is my intention for Fan Features to help celebrate the stories hidden within the lyrics and reunite fans with memories long forgotten. At present I'm slowing work on a project related to this concept and would strongly encourage you to get in touch as we search for potential participants.

With that being said, I do not wish for Fan Features to lose its origins nor do I intend for it to become a review site. Fan Features will be a forever home for fans first and foremost. With time, hard work & sheer passion for music, I aim for this site to be a breath of fresh air for music journalism.

Thank-You once more for not only your support but your continual belief in Fan Features! Getting this site off the ground would not have been possible without your love and kindness.

On that note... a very Happy New Year to you all! May 2022 be a peaceful and prosperous year for you all!

And may the music always play on...



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