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Review: Paris Jackson Shares Heartbreak & Learning to 'Breathe Again' in 'the lost ep'

Whether it's taking to the big screen whilst starring in a number of film and tv productions including 'American Horror Stories', 'Gringo' and Hulu's latest release 'Sex Appeal' as Danica McCollum; modelling for IMG Models or taking centre stage as a singer songwriter, Paris Jackson has done it all. Despite her iconic surname, Paris has become a successful Hollywood starlet in her own right as she continues to steer the reigns of her growing career.

Yet throughout it all, Paris continues to exercise her passion for music. The artist first broke into the music scene back in 2018 as part of a duo known as 'The Soundflowers' who released their self-titled EP just two years later. Following this, Paris signed to Republic Records and celebrated her first release as a solo artist in October of that same year. The single 'Let Down' was the first addition to her growing catalogue of music which has seen the twenty-three year old collaborate with a number of bands and artists including The Struts and The Manchester Orchestra.

'the lost ep' is Paris' latest release which consists of three tracks consistent to the sounds explored in much of the artist's previous releases. A collection of soft acoustic based folk numbers, 'the lost ep' makes for the perfect backing to a quiet Spring day or a warm Summer's afternoon.

The ep kicks off with 'lost' which features Ohio based folk trio Caamp who first broke into the music scene back in 2019 with the release of their debut self titled album. Accompanied by the vocals of Caamp's lead singer Taylor Meier, the two artists gently harmonise alongside the dreamy backing of acoustic guitar and soft piano undertones. The lyrics however, reflect on distant memories of blissful lovers:

"So carefree, dancing barefoot under the old pine tress"

"Playing ancient tunes of calliope; Lost in you, lost in me"

A vocal photograph, the song captures the lost memories of a lost lover and a carefree romance which once was strong. Like much of Paris' recent releases, the EP is an audible tale of heartbreak and bittersweet memories.

'breathe again' is the softest of ballads graced by the most elegant of string accompaniments; with the romantic sounds of violin and Paris' signature acoustic backings it is perhaps the most captivating of the three tracks. At a recent concert Paris allegedly shared that the song was written post breakup from her ex on Valentine's Day just two years prior. Channeling her pain in the most honest of lyrics Paris shares her hope for a brighter future; her hope to "breathe again"...

Closing the album on a livelier note, Paris concludes with 'never going back again' a cover of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' hit. Paris is a self-confessed fan of the band so it comes as no surprise that she'd opt for such an aptly written track. Much like her previous numbers, 'never going back again' takes on the subject of breakups; moving forward and the will to never return. Originally penned by Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, Paris puts her own spin on the classic track with a groovy guitar lick, slick folk beat and smooth bohemian vocals. As an avid Fleetwood Mac fan, I'm often sceptical when it comes to covers of the band's music, yet Paris succeeds to impress with a vibrant outlook as she breathes new life into the song without straying from its origins.

An extension of her early releases, 'the lost ep' is the latest chapter in Paris' musical journey. As an artist Paris sings from the heart whilst her lyrics come from a place in the soul; her words are real and to many, relatable. Yet despite the theme of heartbreak, one finds solace in the voice and music. 'the lost ep' is a place of comfort for those who try to 'breathe again'...perhaps it may be the inspiration so that you might too.


'the lost ep' is no available to stream on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Want to find out more? Visit Paris' Linktree page by clicking here to keep up to date with her latest news, concerts and music releases.


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