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Steph Discusses the Impact of All Time Low & the Inspiring Change They've Brought to Her Life

"All Time Low's music felt different to me as I really felt I could connect and the band have changed my life completely, they pulled me out a slump with their upbeat and catchy songs and kept me going day in, day out. They really do mean a lot to me" - Steph


Hi Steph! I can’t thank-you enough for agreeing to take part in this project and allowing me to interview you. Today we'll be discussing the impact of All Time Low and what they mean to you. Before we begin would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi Robyn! I'm always happy to help and I'm especially excited for this interview as it's about music! Yes of course! Hello readers, my name is Steph, I'm 27, and I love music.

So All Time Low…What are you first memories of the band? Can you remember how you came to discover them?

Yeah so discovering All Time Low was a bit of a journey for me, as you know Robyn, I suffer with anxiety and depression so it's not been easy. I used to listen to a lot of alternative pop/rock and Indie music and emo music as I was quite sad and often felt suicidal at times... One day, I was listening to my usual music when I came across a song called "Dear Maria, Count Me In" from the boys and I was listening to the lyrics of the song as they were pretty upbeat and a fun type of song and it just kinda clicked in my head that I didn't need to feel sad anymore. That was the very first memory of the band for me, they sparked a change in me.

I must confess I'm not particularly familiar with the band or their music so for those of us who aren’t familiar, could you tell us more about All Time Low and the music they create?

I would be happy to! So All Time Low are a band from Baltimore, Maryland in the US. They have 4 members: Alex Gaskarth (Lead singer and Guitar ), Jack Barakat (lead guitar) Zack Merrick (Bass guitar) and Rian Dawson (Drummer). They are an alternative pop/rock band and I feel that most of there songs are very upbeat and uplifting.

Forming in 2003, All Time Low are quickly approaching their 20th anniversary and in that time as a band have released a number of albums forming a vast catalogue of music. Out of all their musical releases do you have a particular favourite? Is there a story behind your choice?

Yeah they are doing very well, I know the boys have been friends since high school so that's extra special for them as the approach their 20th anniversary! Oh I've got a few Robyn! So in 2015 they released their 6th studio album called "Future Hearts" and their is quite a few songs on the album I really connect to, one song in particular is "Kids in the Dark" which is about kids being left to their own devices while struggling with various mental health/ issues and knowing that their is a community put their for them where they can all come together to be supported by one another. It made me feel not alone anymore. However my favourite album by the boys is their newest one that was realised in the original lockdown in March 2020 was "Wake Up, Sunshine" this album gave hope and happiness to a lot of people, I certainly lifted my spirits when I was dancing and singing all over the house lol!

When we spoke on Facebook you mentioned your love for pop punk/emo bands; what is it about that particular genre that you connect with and would you mind recommending a few artists

I love the genre because some of the lyrics really speak to my soul depending on the mood that I'm feeling. Hmm.. A few artists I could recommend are perhaps Green Day, All American Rejects, 3OH3!, Bring Me the Horizon and of course All Time Low lol.

One of the aims of the site I’m putting together is to highlight the impact of music by allowing fans to share their stories. I’m a great believer in the expression ‘when words fail, music speaks’ so I wondered what your overall take on music was? What do you think it is about music that we the listeners, connect with on such a personal level and why is music so important in today’s society?

I think it's the way that the artists and bands write songs, with lyrics that mean something to the artist and the fans and audiences feel connected to the artists. It makes it more personalised for the fans I feel like.

Let’s talk some more about your personal experience as a fan; how would you summarise the impact that All Time Low have had in your life? What do they mean to you?

Well Robyn as I mentioned previously I was very sad at one point and suicidal and All Time Low's music felt different to me as I really felt I could connect and the band have changed my life completely, they pulled me out a slump with their upbeat and catchy songs and kept me going day in, day out. They really do mean a lot to me. I love them almost as much as I love my fiancé! Lol

Being a longtime fan of the band you must have a lot of memories so reflecting on that time is there a moment that stands out you?

Oh yeah definitely, I remember going to see All Time Low live for my second time and I was at the concert alone. There was a mosh pit that had occurred and I had resulted in being pushed to the edge of the walk way stage where Alex (lead) was singing and I remember getting really excited and emotional as I would of been able to touch his hand if he had reached out to the crowd! Lol...I feel a bit dorky looking back on it now haha.

You spoke a little about attending one of the guys there, can you tell our readers more about your concert experiences?

Oh yes! So far I've seen All Time Low, 3 times and I am hoping that their concert in September at Barrowlands in Glasgow will make it a 4th time if Covid-19 allows of course! Considering I have anxiety you wouldn't think I'd enjoy the concert experience but I really do! It's like I'm a different person, I love singing along with a lot of different people and I don't feel silly for it. I feel like I proper git in, apart from being with my wonderful fiancé, being at an All Time Low concert feels like home.

Each artist has their own unique take on the live music experience so I’m curious to ask, what makes an All Time Low concert so unique?

I just love the way they interact with fans, they try and make everyone feel as ease and they always tell jokes based on the city they are in.

I genuinely believe live music is one of live’s greatest experiences and seeing your favourite artists live is such a euphoric feeling. Talk us through those emotions, what does it mean to you to be apart of that experience? How does it feel to see the band you love so much perform live?

As you said there Robyn it's a euphoric feeling. No other feeling compares to the excitement you feel. Especially the build up to the day of the concert, you feel excited, happy, and nervous all rolled into one.

It’s fair to say the past year has taken a real toll on the music industry and music fans alike are missing the live music experience. What are you most looking forward to for the return of live music?

Im really just looking forward to seeing the band in person again and also seeing the smiles on people's faces.

If you had the chance to meet the band, what would you like to say to them?

Oh of course! If they could see this message, I would tell them Thank-you; a huge Thank-You for bringing me back to life in a way. Yourselves as a band have brought me so much happiness and joy, I finally feel like the old me before I became sad and depressed.

And finally….If you could recommend one song to someone completely new to the music of All Time Low, what would you pick?

The songs I would pick is either "Monsters" or "Wake Up Sunshine" one or the other. Thank-You for allowing me to take part Robyn, I really had a lot of fun doing this interview with you.


A huge Thank-You to Steph for taking the time to share her story and discussing her love for All Time Low! Like I said in the interview, I don't know a lot about the guys so it's been an insightful journey researching the band and checking out their music when putting together this article. One of the things that forever strikes me about music is the good it brings to each our lives and Steph's story is such an empowering example of this. Steph is genuinely one of the sweetest and most caring people I am lucky enough to know so it's such a privilege to share this interview through our website. I hope that you too will feel uplifted by the piece and perhaps may even find a new love for All Time Low through Steph's choice of songs.

Be sure to join us next Friday evening at 8pm BST for the latest edition of 'Fan Features' where we'll be sharing another fantastic fan interview. In the meantime, why not catch up on last weeks feature by clicking here!



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