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The Song Of The Week: White Lies - Joshua Lloyd

Welcome back to another 'Song of The Week'! Join us every Monday as we celebrate all your favourite songs both old and new whilst discovering new favourites along the way! You can nominate your favourite tracks for a future edition by emailing us at: or by visiting our 'Contact' page above. Be sure to leave a brief description of the song and what it means to you in order for it to be considered for the series. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and sharing them with our readers!


'White Lies' - Joshua Lloyd

'White Lies' marks the latest release from Joshua Lloyd, an up and coming artist from England who is currently making his mark in the British music scene.

Last August we spoke with Cherryl, one of Joshua's fans who told us more about the artist and the impact of his music:

"Joshua's music doesn't fit into one genre, sure it's hiphop but leans into pop. He has an amazing way of blending the two, producing his own sound" Cherryl told us.

"For me, it's his ability to tell his story through his songs. Many of his lyrics come from his own life experiences. They are real and at times the power of his words had moved me to tears." she later added.

Until recently, Joshua was best known for his releases in the hiphop and rap genres which has captured fans through personal lyricism and powerful displays of rap vocals. Released on the 25th February, 'White Lies' marks his first introduction to an entirely new sound as Joshua bravely delves into the Pop-Punk genre with his latest release. For some, a new sound is a bold and ambitious move yet Joshua's transition is an effortless affair.

Citing artists such as Machine Gun Kelly and Modsun as inspiration for his new direction, Joshua returns with what I feel is his strongest release to date. Summarising the track, Joshua discusses the influence of Machine Gun Kelly's 'Tickets to My Downfall' and how it helped sparked direction for his latest release:

"I listened to Machine Gun Kelly's album 'Tickets to My Downfall' and I wanted to make something that had a story that's upbeat and personal like a track from that album."

"I had the chorus for about four months before I started making this genre of music. I knew I wanted to make something upbeat and in that genre so after that, I put pen to paper and made everything cohesive."

"I think it's quite clear that I had been listening to that MGK album before just before I started to write it"

With this particular track, Joshua hones in on the traditional elements of the 'pop punk' genre which has clearly had an influence on him. Yet despite this, Joshua has made it his own with a lively backing, lyrical story which is accompanied by his slick and passionate vocals. Whilst elements of his musical influences take a central tone, fans can expect to hear a fresh take on the genre.

As an early introduction to his upcoming releases, 'White Lies' provides an exciting insight to the future of Joshua Lloyd. I have little knowledge regarding the technicalities of music yet I cannot begin express just how perfect this direction is for Joshua as an artist. Sometimes you hear a song and instantly 'click' with the music; 'White Lies' is that song...


'White Lies' by Joshua Lloyd is now available on all major streaming sites including Apple Music and Spotify. Keep up to date with all Joshua's latest news and releases via Twittert: @realjoshualloyd or on Instagram: @realjoshualloyd

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Mar 15, 2022

Wow, awesome review!

White Lies is a banger for sure, a song everyone needs to hear!

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