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The Song Of The Week: 'Anyone For You' - George Ezra

Fan Features are proud to share our latest 'Song Of The Week' in our latest series of articles. Join us below as we delve deeper into this week's track and perhaps discover a new favourite! Be sure to let us know what songs we should feature in a future edition by emailing us at: or via our contact page above.


'Anyone For You' - George Ezra

Until now my feelings towards George Ezra as an artist have been pretty neutral; I didn't hate them I can't say I was particularly drawn to them as a listener. So it was a surprise when that catchy little tune came blaring through headphones and later turned out to be the latest release in George's catalogue.

Announcing his musical comeback just days prior, George Ezra returned with the release of his first single in three years back in January and Fan Features HQ absolutely love it! 'Anyone For You' is the first glimpse into the singer's upcoming album 'Gold Rush Kid' which was written and produced in its entirety by George and his longstanding collaborative partner Joel Pott of indie band 'Athlete' (2000-2013). The album is set for release on the 10th June and be preordered via the artist's official website linked below. There are currently a selection of exclusive bundles available alongside a number of signed CDs, vinyl and cassettes to get your hands ahead of time.

If the new song is anything to go by, I suspect fans of the singer/songwriter are in for a treat. 'Anyone For You' is refreshingly upbeat track with a lighthearted tone of reflective romance. Discussing the track in an article at NME, the singer described the songs origins as a "patchwork of lyric ideas found in old notebooks" and talked of how they bound together through chance moments he shared with other musicians after hitting the recording studio.

Ultimately, the song is a much needed pick me up in the bleak of the Winter. A cheery indie pop track that'll leave you smiling all day long. What's not to love?!


'Anyone For You' is now available for streaming/downloads on all major music platforms. Pre-order the album 'Gold Rush Kid' today by visiting the artist's official website or by clicking here!



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