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Em on Hosting Jonas Brothers Fan Events, Singing with Joe Jonas & the Band's Return to Music

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

"Their music has been there for me in every low and high moment in my life. They almost feel like they’re my best friends. They’ve been there with me through it all." - Em


Hi Em, Thank-You so much for agreeing to chat with us about your love for the Jonas Brothers! I feel like this will be an exciting interview and genuinely can’t wait to share it with our readers. As always…before we get into things why don’t you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi guys! Thank you so much for chatting with me. My name is Em and I have been a Jonas Brothers fan for about 13 years. I’m currently a communications specialist and pursuing my masters degree in Communications with an emphasis in Social Media, largely in part to me finding a love for social media through my Jonas Brothers fan account.

The Jonas Brothers…can you remember when you first became a fan? What was it about them that first stood out and convinced you to become a fan?

So I first became a fan during their self-titled album release. I remember seeing their music videos on Disney Channel, which I think is a way a lot of people were exposed to them. I immediately loved how a lot of their songs were very pop but with a rock spin. My love for them grew EXPONENTIALLY and quickly and I found my room covered in Jonas posters. I remember my mom got me tickets to see them for my 13th birthday and I cried because I was so excited.

The guys first broke into the industry back in 2005 and had a massively successful career until the guys took an unexpected hiatus in 2013. Returning to the music scene in 2019, I think it’s fair to say the Jonas Brothers are bigger than ever and their fanbase is continually growing. The music industry is such a tough business and to survive as long as the Jonas Brothers have is truly amazing. So with that in mind, what do you think has attributed to their longevity and success as a band?

I think what has made the Jonas Brothers so special for so long is their ability to connect with their fans. They make you feel like every word of every song they write is meant for you to hear it for whatever you’re going through. They also just have this stage presence and carefree nature that no matter where you are in the arena you feel like they’re singing right to you.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it was such a surprise when the guys announced their return to music in 2019. Can you describe the moment you first heard the news? It must have been pretty exciting?!

So I actually had heard rumors they were potentially coming back and I didn’t think it was true to be honest, mainly because Nick had such a great solo career and Joe had DNCE, and also because I didn’t really want to get my hopes up. But I logged back into my Jonas Twitter account and immediately felt sucked back in and then when they announced they were dropping Sucker I cried. I was actually at the gym which is kind of embarrassing haha. It’s amazing how after so long it felt like nothing had changed!

And how would you describe the changes we’ve seen in the Jonas Brothers since their comeback compared to the Disney days?

I think overall now compared to the Disney days is that they have full creative freedom with their music and are much more open with their lives. They’ve also matured, just as we have, as us as fans essentially grew up with them, which is another reason I think the connection between Jonas fans and the band is so special!

Having been in the industry for over 15 years now it’s fair to say there’s been a lot of highlights for the Jonas Brothers. You’ve been a fan for a good percentage of that time so you’ve been lucky enough to experience much of their journey first hand. Is there a particular moment during that time that stands out to you?

The moment that stands out the most for me I think was the day Happiness Begins was released in 2019. It just felt so surreal to have a new Jonas album to listen to after years of thinking that moment would never happen again. It was just amazing to see how they had grown and how personal the album was. And then of course the day Sucker was nominated for a Grammy. That was also completely surreal and exciting. It was just so cool to see the amazing comeback peak with a Grammy nom.

It’s evident that the Jonas Brothers have played a huge role in your life so perhaps you could tell us more about what they mean to you? What sort of impact have they made in your life personally?

I would say the Jonas Brothers have impacted my personal and professional life immensely. Like I hinted at before, the Jonas Brothers solidified my love for social media after I started my Jonas stan account back in 2012. I even wrote a research paper on their social media strategies in college that got selected for a national research conference. Kevin and members of their team even saw the paper on Twitter and reached out to read it. Which was amazing! But they’ve also given me some of the best friends I could’ve ever asked for through the amazing fan community they have, some really incredible opportunities, and something to be passionate about. Their music has been there for me in every low and high moment in my life. They almost feel like they’re my best friends. They’ve been there with me through it all.

And do you have a favourite song by the Jonas Brothers? Is there a story behind your choice?

That’s a hard one! But if I had to pick one then my favorite song is Take A Breath. It’s about taking a step back when times are tough and remembering that even the hard moments will eventually pass and that there’s better days ahead. It’s gotten me through a lot of really hard moments in my life and it’s such a comfort song. I got to hear it live for the first time during the Happiness Begins tour and I SOBBED during it.

As a longtime fan, have you ever had the opportunity to meet the guys?

I have! 2, technically 4, times!

You have?! Tell us everything!!! How did it happen? What were the guys like in person?

I met them for the first time in 2013, during their last tour before the break up, and I remember I cried the whole time and it was so embarrassing. It’s just absolutely crazy when your favorite band is standing right infront of you. And then I met them again in 2019, during the Happiness Begins tour which was super special. And then I technically met them when I went to the secret show during the Happiness Begins tour as well as Joe and Kevin came to one of our zoom trivia nights with Jonas Fan Events and I got to talk with them which was super cool! Kevin even played trivia with us for 20 minutes. The guys are all so sweet and personable. They’re exactly how they portray themselves onstage.

You also run the ‘Jonas Fan Events’ page on twitter…can you tell our readers more about what inspired the page and the events you run?

Yes! So my friend Dani and I started Jonas Fan Events in April (2020) which was a month or so into the pandemic. With the Jonas Las Vegas residency getting cancelled we wanted to think of a way where fans could get together for something fun and get a little taste of what it feels like to go to live events again. Our first event ended up having 200+ attendees and we’ve kept doing them ever since, even branching into other trivia nights for things like Disney Channel, One Direction, High School Musical and more! Dani and I now run it with our other Jonas fan Erica and the three of us love every minute of it! I’m so thankful for them both and what we’ve started.

Can I just say what a fantastic idea this is and such an awesome way to unite fans during a time where our lives couldn’t have been further apart! Why was it so important to you to maintain that connection with your fellow fans throughout the Pandemic?

I think why it was so important to us was because we all kind of felt like we were missing live shows and that feeling of connection you get with other fans at concerts. Jonas Fan Events helps maintain that camaraderie and brings together fans from all around the world.

A little bird told me that the events attracted a few VIP guests? How on earth did that come about?!

Yes! It was absolutely insane. And completely unexpected. We had people tweeting the guys with our hashtag and zoom information and it got the attention of Joe and Kevin on Twitter. They ended up reaching out for the zoom info and coming to hangout with us! Kevin stayed for like 20 minutes playing trivia with us. It was amazing. And so freaking cool! It’s definitely one of my favorite stories to tell.

So lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease in a number of countries and hopefully life will begin to gravitate towards some sort of normality so with that in mind, is there any plans to continue the events post Pandemic? If so…how can our readers get involved?

Yes! We definitely are going to keep continuing events, especially since it brings together fans from all over. We hope to eventually do some in person events soon. Everyone is invited to our events, and like I said before we don’t always just do Jonas trivia, we do other bands/fandoms too. So give us a follow (@jonasfanevents) on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what events we have coming up!

I believe you had the chance to attend the Jonas Brothers’ secret concert in Chicago…tell us more!

Yes that is quite the story! So basically the guys played 2 shows in Chicago during the Happiness Begins tour, and during the first show Joe mentioned they’d be doing something special for Chicago and to text this number to find out the details. So I of course texted it. The next day I get a text from the number while I’m on my way to the venue inviting me to a secret show at a secret venue after the show. I had to give my name and the name of the plus one I wanted to bring. I freaked out! I thought it was a prank in all honesty. So I posted the screenshot on Twitter and asked if anyone had gotten the same text and no one had so I was super scared!

Anyway, they ended up sending me the address of the venue so I left the show early to get there with my friend Jackie who was my plus one. We had to put our phones in lock boxes, sign film releases and everything. The show was in this tiny room at a bar the guys had played in 2005 or 2006. I was front row and right up against the stage as close as you can get. No one knew what to expect and then the guys came out with their original band members and sang for over an hour some of their oldest and, in my opinion, best songs. It was one of the coolest moments of my entire life.

I got to sing with Joe; did a shot of Villa One with Nick, and Joe gave me his tambourine at the end of the night. Joe even jumped into the crowd at one point and danced next to me. The show ended up being filmed for the Happiness Continues documentary on Prime. And I’m in it for a good portion ahhahaha. Probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. There was probably 70 people at the show?! It was so intimate and just absolutely surreal. I felt like I had to pinch myself the entire time.

And you had the chance to sing with Joe? Oh my goodness…firstly, what song did you get to sing?! Secondly, what was going through your mind at that moment? I don’t think I’d have survived if it were me…

I did! So during the secret show they were preforming BB Good and in the song there’s a talking bit. So it gets to that point in the song and Joe asks if anyone remembers it. Me being front row, my hand shot up and he lowered the microphone to me and I sang the words. He was just smiling at me the whole time and at one point I blanked for a brief second and he mouthed to me “you got this!” And I sang the rest. It was so so so cool. And that part made the documentary so now I have that moment on film forever!

So I’m guessing you’ve attended quite a few of the guys concerts…what is about a Jonas Brothers concert that makes you heart sing?

Haha yes! I’ve attended over 10 Jonas Brothers concerts over my time as a fan. I think what makes Jonas concerts so special is just how they’re able to connect with the crowd so that no matter where you’re sitting the show is still AMAZING. They’re so electric on stage and their energy is just so infectious. They’re absolutely incredible.

Obviously the guys have just announced a Summer tour of the US which for many will be their first concert following the Covid-19. What are you most looking forward to about the return of live music and more importantly, seeing the Jonas Brothers again?

I think what I’m most looking forward to is being back with my friends again and in my happy place, which is a Jonas Brothers concert. I feel most myself when I’m at their shows because I feel like I can just let go and get sucked into the music. I just got my tickets for their Milwaukee show and will be buying some other shows when those tickets get released and I absolutely cannot wait.

You’ll be pleased to know we’re almost at the end of the interview! But before we go I wondered if you had a message for the Jonas Brothers?

Oh gosh, um, I guess I would just say thank you for everything. You have truly impacted my life and helped me really find myself. I’m so proud of the journey you’ve been on and I’m so happy to be there for the ride. Thank you for bringing me such amazing opportunities and some of the best friends I could ask for. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

And finally…if you could recommend one song to someone who isn’t familiar with the Jonas Brothers what would you choose?

Hmmm… if I could recommend one song I’d probably say Rollercoaster because it really captures their journey as a band and just is so good!


A huge Thank-You to Em for sharing her story! Wow...isn't she awesome?! When I read Em's story I just knew it would go down well on our site...could you get any bigger a fan than her?! From singing with Joe to having the guys tune into one her lockdown quiz nights...Em is totally living the dream life of a fan! Just as Em said in the interview, she plans to host more quiz nights in future so if you'd like to participate and put your knowledge to the test, be sure to head on over to one of the links below for more details!

We'll back next Friday night at 8pm BST with another 'Fan Feature' so be sure to join us for another interview!

Em's Twitter: @punkrxckjonas

Jonas Fan Events Official Twitter: @jonasfanevents

Jonas Fan Events Official Website:


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