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Prince's Trust Ambassador Emma Talks Girl's Aloud Member Cheryl; Cheryl's Trust & Meeting Her Hero

"Cheryl has been such a huge inspiration in my life, she is such a positive influence and has a heart of gold. Without her I really don’t know where I would be." - Emma


Hi Emma, Thank-You so much for reaching out to us here at Fan Features…today we’re going to be discussing the truly fabulous Cheryl and her impact on your life over the years. Let’s kick things off with an introduction! Why don’t you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hello everyone! And thank you for having me! My names Emma I’m from the north east and I’m a nursery teacher :)

So how long have you been a fan of Cheryl? What are you first memories of her?

I’ve been a fan of Cheryl since her Popstars the rivals auditions! When Cheryl got to the finals and we had banners up around Newcastle and surrounding areas “vote Cheryl Tweedy” I supported her from there. From being put into the group when Girls Aloud first got formed.

You’ve been around since the Girls Aloud days?…Wow! Obviously Girls Aloud consisted of the five members, but what was it about Cheryl that stood out as your favourite member?

I think for me, it was because she was one of our own, she’s a Geordie girl. And we are all very supportive of our own! Cheryl inspired me as do the other girls but Cheryl stood out the most.

Girls Aloud first appeared on our TVs on Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002 so a number of our readers may not even have been around when they made their debut…with that in mind lets take a step back to early days of Cheryl’s career with the group!. What was it like to be apart of the Girls Aloud frenzy back in the day? How would you compare them to girl groups today?

Girls Aloud were just the best girl group ever. From there appearances on tv, their amazing dance routines, number 1 singles , albums to touring!!! I used to pretend I was a member of Girls Aloud as a child! Ha ha!

How would you describe the role that Cheryl has played in your life since becoming a fan? Can you imagine your without her influence?

Cheryl has been such a huge inspiration in my life, she is such a positive influence and has a heart of gold. Without her I really don’t know where I would be. Her music and her words have picked me up when I’ve not been in such good places. She is one in a million.

And what about music…do you have a favourite song of Cheryl’s?

Oooo hard one but I think it would have to be Fight For This Love. With it being Cheryl’s first solo song, to the inspiring lyrics and amazing dance routine I just love it!

Having been a longtime fan I’m sure you have a lot of memories…are there any in particular that you hold dear to your heart?

Our many conversations on Twitter and Instagram! Cheryl never misses a thing! Her tweeting me saying she feel like she already knows me made my day!

Elaborating upon the previous question…what would you say has been your proudest moment as a fan of Cheryl?

When she battled through Malaria. As fans it was heart breaking to see how poorly it made her and we couldn’t lose her. She fought and fought and the fans will tell you about the first photo of her in a white top we seen since she left the hospital. Cheryl wrote about that experience in her book “Cheryl My Story” it’s a one to read but canny emotional!

Let’s talk live music! Have you ever had the chance to see Cheryl perform live whether that be as a solo artist or alongside Girls Aloud?

Yes many times I’ve been to Girls Aloud concerts every year at Newcastle and when Cheryl did her first solo tour A Million Lights I went to see her there too! It was amazing.

I can imagine you have so many magical memories from each of the concerts! Looking back, do you have a favourite moment from any of the concerts?

Being interviewed from capital as a “mega fan” and getting a wave from Cheryl as she spotted me in the crowd!

Is it true that one of her backing dancers helped make your concert experience that little more magical? What happened?!

OMG! Yes! Tyrel was his name! He spotted me with a huge banner near the back and came and said “would you like to be moved to the front?” And I was like I could only ever dream of that. He then said “follow me”. At that moment I had to stop myself from crying. So amazing to see my idol front row!

And what do you love the most about her as a live performer?

She gives it her all! She was born to be a performer and be on that stage!

You are an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and have a connection with Cheryl through this vocation but before we discuss this further, can I ask a little more about your role with the trust? How did it come to fruition? Tell us about your role as an ambassador?

So yes as a teen when I left school i had little confidence I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. The Prince's Trust helped me build that confidence, helped me get my maths and English and did some cv writing with me. I did courses with them like team building which would help me in the future. I then got myself my first ever job and the princes trust wanted me to help other young people in the north east so I thought to myself… they helped me so nows the time I give something back! Was the best thing ever. I attended so many events and told my story and helped raise money for the princes trust!

Some of our readers might not be familiar with Cheryl’s Trust so perhaps you could give them a glimpse into what inspired Cheryl to put this wonderful charity together?

Cheryl is “Cheryl from the block” she knows what life is like on a council estate, due to living there herself. She’s always remained down to earth and never forgotten her roots. Cheryl put this trust together in line with the princes trust to help disadvantaged youth in Newcastle get the help they need whether it’s to get back into education, help troubled youth that need a little direction with life. It’s a safe place people can go even just for a chat.

Cheryl later partnered with the Prince’s Trust to create ‘The Prince’s Trust Cheryl’s Trust Centre’ which celebrated launched back in 2018…how has this step between the two organisations helped Cheryl’s flourish even more?

The aim was to improve the conditions and life of people by advancing education and preventing poverty through advice and training. Whenever I walk past it now it gives me shivers I’m so proud she is still doing stuff to help people in the north east. She is the definition of the angel of the north.

You were in attendance during the centre’s official opening…what was it like to be apart of that?

The best day ever!!!! Wow words can’t even explain! Loads of us were outside to witness it being opened by the amazing Cheryl

I believe you even had the chance to meet Cheryl herself? Having been a fan for so long it must have been pretty special to meet her particularly on such a big day for her?! What was she like in person?

I did, finally after all the years. It felt amazing finally getting to meet her. She got out the car and I shouted Cheryl. She pointed at me and said “Emma I’m so excited to meet you” before going inside to do the opening. She was so so lovely she came back out after doing what she needed to do inside and she made time for every single fan outside. I was starstruck that she recognised me from Twitter!

Do you remember your conversation with her? What did Cheryl say to you?

Yes she asked me how I was doing, said it was so nice to finally meet me and how nursery life was. (She never misses a thing on Twitter)

Drawing near to the end of the interview I wondered if you had a message for Cheryl?

Yes I do… Cheryl keep being you, never stop shining the superstar that you are. You changed my life and many many others. I hope one day I can see you again. But until then “I Salute You” love ems xx (@_EmmaLW_xo)

And finally if you could recommend any of Cheryl’s songs to someone who’s unfamiliar with her music, what would you pick?

Definitely "Fight For This Love" as it’s inspiring and tells you even when it gets tough to fight some more! "Last One Standing" because no matter what anyone thinks of you or says you’ll be the last one standing always And “I Don’t Care” because basically you shouldn’t care what opinions people have on you!! Just be you :)'s been so lovely to have you join us here at Fan Features! Thank-You so much for taking the time to tell us about your time with Cheryl over the years and sharing more about the genuinely sweet and caring woman she is. Equally it's been so interesting to hear more about the work of The Prince's Trust and how you've been apart of that as an ambassador-you sound like an amazing lady! It truly has been a pleasure!

Thank you for having me!!!



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